Strategy Development and Deployment


JNTUK has formulated a comprehensive and progressive two-decade strategic plan, in tune with its Vision and Mission, to become a leading teaching-cum-research Institute through a standard system of education, with more emphasis on fundamentals, after an exhaustive self-examination by all its stakeholders, including external experts from HEIs.

STRATEGY- I : To impart Personnel Skills and Ethical Values for Sustainable Development of the Nation.

1. Establish multidisciplinary centers to offer innovative, flexible PG, PhD and direct PhD (after BE/B.Tech.) Programs on high demand areas for simulating and vibrant learning experience.

2. State-of-art equipment, educational tools, learning and library resources for high quality educational learning environment.

3. Continuous upgradation of class room facilities, ambience and appearance of campus facilities and grounds.

4. Attracting students from other states and countries through unique facilities and pre-eminence.

STRATEGY-II : To create Research & Industry oriented centers of excellence in all engineering disciplines.

1. Provide ample need and merit based assistantships for PG, PhD and direct PhD Scholars.

2.Enhance students’ academic success through a rich, caring and challenging educational environment.

3.Enhance students’ employability through on-campus finishing school by improving students’
communication skills, soft skills and professional skills.

4. Special attention for full participation of women students and socially/ academically disadvantaged students.

5. Opportunities for leadership development, ethical practices, entrepreneurship and social commitment.

6. Product Incubation Center and seed money for students’ works towards product development and innovation.

STRATEGY -III : To be a renowned IPR generator and repository for innovative technologies.

1. Faculty recruitment and retention plans including a competitive, merit and outcome based incentives and rewards.

2. Attract, appoint and retain minimum ten senior faculty members who have potential to lead, research, develop and attain the highest honors in their discipline. Vast alumni network will be tapped in this regard.

3. Build a cohesive team to achieve academic, research and consultancy targets.

4. Build great teams for Industry-Institution Interaction, Academic and sponsored Research, Institutional
Networking, Consultancy and extension activities etc.

STRATEGY -IV : To develop Research and Industry oriented technical talent.

1. Increased Industry-Institution Interaction though MOUs for mutually beneficial relationship with Industries and public enterprises in the areas of research, development, training and technology transfer.

2. Increased Internal Revenue Generation to facilitate enhancement of facilities and outcome based compensation.

STRATEGY -V : To benchmark globally the academic & research output.

1. Opportunities for UG, PG and PhD students to participate in industrial research, product development assignments, consultancy etc

2. Continuously improve faculty and staff competence through regular deputation to seminars, workshops, conferences, summer/winter schools, faculty and staff development programs etc., both in India and Abroad.