National Service Scheme

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NSS Cell with student’s volunteers where the students actively get involved in social responsibilities within the campus, neighborhood community, etc. There are three NSS units available in the campus. The NSS programs will help students to develop holistically. The faculty and the students gets a chance to meet and interact with public and public servants who may get inspired to serve the society at large. This activity will help the stakeholders to realize the importance of the NSS activity which helps the transformation of the life style of the community towards healthy environment. One of the important services rendered by NSS volunteers is disseminating information about latest developments, non-conventional energy, sanitation, nutrition and personal hygiene etc.
Extension Activities.

In sensitizing our students pertaining to social issues through the curriculum and extension activities. By organising blood donation camps, education awareness programmes, gender equality awareness activities and visits to slums in vicinity to create awareness among the dwellers. Different departments undertake social outreach activities which are meant for helping society and training students to shoulder all responsibilities with ease and impact.

The NSS Cell, Department of Social Work and other Departments in collaboration with different agencies, trusts, NGOs, hospitals etc like Red Cross Society and so. Lead extension activities to address local issues and sensitize students for their holistic development. To address the issues of domestic violence, child marriages, health care, HIV/Aids, street children, runaway children, alcohol addiction and drug addiction, etc. the students and teachers have collaborated through their departments with other agencies to help society and local communities.

The NSS Cell works to develop the overall personality of students through a series of regular activities which are undertaken both within the Campus and outside it in the form of special camps. The motto of the Cell is Not Me but You. It invites volunteers for all-round personality development through community service, group interactions, awareness generation programme, group training and leadership training programmes. The Cell has been very vibrant and active with three units. It conducts regular weekly meeting of volunteers to discuss the plan of action. Students’ orientation to community service, blood donation camps, awareness, and sensitization in and outside Campus.

There is a huge disparity with respect to prosperity and deprivation among the village population. There is high struggle for livelihood and adverse effects on the education of the children. The large concentration of marginalized groups, their acute deprivation and pathetic educational scenario are key factors for the adoption of this Gram Panchayat. The Cell has been coordinating with Sarpanch, Panchayat Committees, teachers, schools, Anganwadis for planning education, health, and sanitation interventions.