Eight District Zone of Excellence

JNTU Kakinada strives to achieve the highest quality programs in a highly dynamic environment. Therfore, we must move expeditiously to take advantage of new opportunities and maximize efficiency. In this context, it may be useful for academic units within the university to examine the organizational structure and work towards the goal.

JNTU Kakinada has come up with the concept of ‘Eight District Zone of excellence’ which aims at establishing a frame work for enhanced cooperation among the constituent colleges and thereby harnessing the strength of interdependence. In simple words it is a ‘smart operating model’ fro the university and its affiliated colleges, that has been developed by the president of Seattle-based Agovia Consulting Inc, Christopher J. Kaufman and Director of computer sciences Corporation Director and south Carolina (USA) Higher Education Commissioner Raghu B. Korrapati.The two men are now the strategic consultants for JNTU Kakinada.

The basic idea of Zone of excellence is to utilize skills and infrastructure available in all the affiliated colleges spread across srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur and prakasam districts to the maximum use in order to carve a niche for the newly – created University which is aiming to become a world class institution. The underlying objective is to develop Centers of Excellence not one at the university campus but transform every college into a model institution in order to bolster the image of JNTU Kakinada.


The characteristics of the Eight Districts Zone of Excellence include:

  • Excellence in academic and research standards and results in all institutions with in the Eight Districts Zone of Excellence: The University is geared up to provide the students and faculty with the latest technology. It is also roping in eminent researchers and scholars to help the students in their research work and help them out as and when needed.
  • Acknowledged quality of education and products from all programmes with in Eight Districts Zone of Excellence: With the best possible inputs, the university is also maintaining a close look towards the outputs. Providing the best quality education to its students, the university aims to come out with such flying colors that the next generation of students before looking for universities like Harvard and Yale, will first look up at JNTU Kakinada.
  • Coordination of allied activities and solutions: For every problem there is a solution and coordination is the best solution to each of them. With an amalgamation of various brain washing activities, the university is set up to wheel its way across the eight district zone of excellence.
  • Messaging and strategic communications to holistically brand the Eight Districts Zone of Excellence: Clarity in communication is the simplest way to understand matters from every aspect- be it from the view point of students or the Vice-chancellor.
  • Competitive admissions for students within the Eight Districts Zone of Excellence: As the university aims to be one of the best world class institutions, admissions will also be as per the global recognitions. Students will have to compete among themselves to gain admission to the courses in JNTU Kakinada.