Board of Studies


S.No Name of the Faculty Board of Studies Department
1. Dr. KVSG Murali Krishna Chairperson Civil Engineering/ Environmental Engineering & Management
2. Dr. Ch. Sai Babu Chairperson Electrical &Electronics Engineering / Renewable Energy Engineering
3. Dr. A. M. Prasad Chairperson Electronics & Communication Engineering
4. Dr. B. T. Krishna Chairperson EIE/BME/E. Com Engineering, Avionics
5. Dr. A. Gopala Krishna Chairperson Mechanical Engineering/ Nano Technology
6. Dr. M. H. M. Krihsna Prasad Chairperson Computer Science Engineering & IT
7. Dr. M. H. M. Krishna Prasad Chairperson Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Data Science/ArtificialIntelligence & Data Science/ Computer Science and Design
8. Dr. D. Rajya Lakshmi Chairperson Cyber Security/ Internet of things and cyber security including Blockchain Technology/Computer Science and Business System/Computer Science & Technology/IoT
9 Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Rao Chairperson Electronics & Communication Technology
10 Dr. G.V.S.R. Deekshitulu Chairperson Mathematics
11 Dr. S. Satya Veni Chairperson Chemistry/Humanities & Social Sciences
12. Dr. G. Padmaja Rani Chairperson Physics
13. Dr. KVSG Murali Krishna Chairperson Chemical Engineering/Food Technology/ Pharmacy/PE&PCE/ B.A rch/Agricultural/ Master of Science (Sports Medicine) / M.Tech (EOHS)
14. Dr. K. Padma Kumari Chairperson Remote Sensing
15. Dr. M. Ramesh Chairperson Bio-Technology
16. Dr. G. Swamy Naidu Chairperson Metallurgical Engineering
17. Dr. A. Krishna Mohan Chairperson Humanities & Social Sciences/MBA